Asx Fundamental Analysis

Regardless of how you trade or invest, fundamental analysis is crucial for successful research.

Broker Data

Range: T+3 Day Reporting

  • Track the smart money.
  • Use insider knowledge to see who's trading what—which stocks the smart money is buying.
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Board Members

  • Quickly find who's at the healm of each ASX public company.
  • Cross reference where each directors interests lay for other companies, and whether or not they sit on multiple boards.
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View T20 Share Holders

  • Follow large intstitutional investors and where they are investing.
  • Quickly find the top 20 investors in any stock and cross reference with other securities they own or simply see how the shares are distributed compared to the rest of the shareholders.
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Company Financials

A quick and easy place research ASX security financials and information in an easy to navigate portal.

  • 31 Day Historical Data
  • Fundamental Details
  • Financial Reports
  • Dividend Payments
  • Adjustments
  • Board Members
  • T20 Share Holders
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Company Announcements

Live ASX company announcements.

  • Quickly see the news that will most likely influence the markets direction and investors reactions.
  • ASX Company announcements are viewable as a feature on the bottom of each scan, as a seperate pop-out window or filtered to each security.
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