Biography - Gavin Holmes

Over the last several years Gavin Holmes has become a successful professional trader under the tutelage of Tom Williams, retired syndicate trader and Chairman of TradeGuider.

Holmes' mission is to educate traders and investors to become experts at the lost art of chart reading and to understand the importance of volume, the hidden secret of the markets. Gavin travels the world teaching traders and investors how to read charts correctly by understanding the interrelationship between the volume, price, and range/spread of a price bar to determine the activity of 'Smart Money', and then trade in harmony with the professionals. He is a regular speaker for Chicago Mercantile Exchange events both online and live on stage, and is one of the few traders who trades their live account showing VSA set ups, trading them as they appear.

In 2002 was when Gavin Holmes had the good fortune of meeting Tom Williams, a former syndicate trader who traded with one of the largest stock trading funds in America during the late 1950’s and early 1960’S. Tom immediately connected with Gavin, and it was from that point Tom began teaching Gavin that the markets were being manipulated on a daily basis by the 'Smart Money'. Tom was himself a 'Smart Money' insider, and he had developed a trading system that could see the activity of the 'Smart Money' as they were manipulating the markets by observing the interrelationship between volume, price action, and the closing price on a price chart. Tom developed the methodology called Volume Spread Analysis and computerized his system with amazing results. Gavin became Tom’s protégé and over the last 9 years Gavin has become recognized as a worldwide expert in the Volume Spread Analysis methodology and market manipulation.

Just this year, Gavin self-published his own book series called, “Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money” and “Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money Volume 2: Sequential VSA Chart Patterns Explained”. In “Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money” Gavin discusses why market manipulation can actually be a good thing for traders and investors who can read the chart correctly based on universal laws. All markets work because three universal laws govern them: the law of supply and demand, the law of cause and effect, and the law of effort versus result.

To make money in life there is a fourth and very important law, the law of attraction, and for the first time in any book on trading that we are aware of, Gavin unlocks the key to success in trading and investing in the markets:

BELIEF in your human ability to make money and in your system to read charts.

Gavin has been featured as a headline speaker at numerous seminars and webinars around the world. He has provided educational courses for the CME Group in Chicago and has been featured at the New York and Las Vegas traders expo’s Traders Challenge where Gavin traded his live account, showing the principles of VSA appearing live and taking trades. Gavin’s passion is based on the original teachings of Richard Wyckoff, Richard Ney, and Tom Williams who all had the same goal, to educate the uninformed public.